The Dog smell- like a Wet Dog- a quick fix

When I noticed that when I let my pups in after a rain, I noticed they smelled. Dog smell can be just awful.

The Dog Smell needs immediate attention without the dreaded “bath”

What I found at first worked great for a day or so. I used olive oil hair spray for black womens’ hair. It smelled great and what a sheen it gave my Doberman! It also improved her itching. I was so proud of her now at 14 years old. Together with this animal for 14 years, I really did not care too much about how she looked as long as she was as healthy as she could be for her senior age. The new puppies seemed to give her a new life, a happy life. At this time in her life, I noticed these large lumps appear all over her, especially her underside.

Vet Bills

Never mind the fact I paid over a $500 vet bill the year before for a physical and was told these were just fatty tissue that senior dogs get. The dog smell would have to be something that I would have to get accustomed to. I knew something was not right. she would be just miserable in her itching, she no longer could crawl on my bed. So. I made her a bed beside me on the floor. I kept my hand or foot on her every night.

Once in a while, I would just make a pallet on the floor with her, and just love her. She knew I was sad. She started interacting with the new puppies, her little nub of a tail began to wag! This treatment gave her some life back, and in return she taught those pups where to potty! Oh, but they knew when to back off when she wasn’t in the mood to play.  

I then took her to the same vet clinic and was informed she had mast cell carcinoma! They even told me, had I brought her in earlier they could have surgically removed “those lumps”! I was mad, but much more sad knowing her advanced years along with her prognosis. After researching the mast cell, I found it was releasing histamines. At that moment in time, I went into my medicine cabinet and found generic Claritin. Together with the coconut oil massages and the Clairitan she found relief. I found peace with this.  Giving this amazing animal immense relief. Losing her will be in another blog.
Most of all, I miss this amazing rescue dog, grief is beyond words.

During this time we acquired 2 German Shepard puppies. The long hair now became an obstacle. I noticed that the pups had that “dog smell”. I tried the spray, it worked for a day or so.

Coconut Oil

Then one day I used over the counter coconut oil. It has no smell, but it gave the dogs such a sheen, and even after a rain they came inside and no longer had that “dog smell”. 

I recommend for an average size dog about 50-70 lbs. to use the size of a quarter. Rub through your hands then on the dog, going all the way to the skin. Bigger dogs, like Chase weighing in at 130lbs. I use the size of a 50 cent piece. I found that doing this once a month eliminated the dog smell for good.

Now, I no longer worry when folks come by, my house and dog smells good. Give it a try, I also use small amounts in their food for digestion and that picky eater!

All The Best,


Obedience Training Dogs- Housebreaking a Puppy

Obedience Training Dogs

Every puppy makes mistakes and this is going to take time and consistency. Any 6-8 week old puppy will need to go potty every 2-3 hours. They also require going after eating and sleeping. But, this should not take too long to accomplish without upsetting the household or work schedule. Obedience training dogs is not hard, the main concept is time and consistency.

Pick an area – inside

  • Line the designated spot with newspaper or training pads.
  • Take your dog to the spot on a regular schedule.
  • Change the mat often, but leave a little spot of dried urine there.
  • Reward your dog for going in the spot.

Puppy training pads are useful here if you are not able to be home all day. Also, invest in a baby gate and put food and water on one side, pads and paper on the other side. Your pup will sleep a lot at first, so invest in a cheap fitted for puppy bed. Remember, chewing will happen, that is just natural. Maybe put chew toys, play toys in his/her area.

  • Pick area for puppy to recognize that’s easy for your dog to access.
  • Line the area with old newspaper or the more absorbent pads on the market made just for this
  • Take puppy to the spot about every 30 mins., then eventually every 2-3 hours, especially after eating or sleeping
  • Change the padding each time puppy needs to go, but do leave a few drops of his/her urine for the smell
  • Give positive reinforcement like treats for pottying at the designated spot
  • Pick an area -outside fenced area

If you are lucky enough to have a fenced in yard, this will be a breeze!

  • Setting up a routine is essential
  • Tools needed are a collar and leash
  • At first take puppy out frequently, every 30 mins. to an hour daily
  • Puppy will soon realize that he relieves himself outside, but if mistakes happen simply clean it up AFTER you have taken puppy to designated area. If your lucky enough to “catch” him/her peeing, then simply pick puppy up and take him to the area you have designated for him/her. Punishing a puppy or grown dog will only teach them to distrust you and you will have many other issues to deal with. Especially if puppy is afraid of you, there will be obvious signs like shaking, keeping their ears down or shy from you. Animals like humans actually learn more effectively by positive reinforcement or praise, not hurting them. Of all the things you can do with puppy, HITTING them is NEVER OK.

Pick an area- the entire fenced in area is their domain

This is my favorite way. Through the years I have always made sure my back door opens to a fenced in area. This way, they just go to the door, mostly whine and sometimes scratches at the door. Simply open the door and puppy will find their favorite spot.

A puppy or adult dog will not potty where they sleep. They will only if they have no other choice and this is YOUR fault not the animals fault.

Every week I will poop scoop. This is very simple. I have a cheap plastic bucket with a handle, I line it with a trash bag and use a child’s rake and a scooper. The one I use costs less than $5.00 at the nearest dollar store. Then I simply tie the bag up and put in the outside trash. The main purpose is to keep puppy from rolling or playing in his/her poop. It also gets poop out of the way for the ones that want to eat poop. For those pups, I suggest keeping your tools handy, outside of course under some type roof or cover the bag until you are ready to dispose of it. The main thing is for puppy not to have access to this bucket.

As Puppy Grows

By 3 to 4 months your puppy will still have accidents, but it is less likely it is intentional. Puppies in particular have smaller bladders and may have to poop at a moments notice.

Be consistent in training puppy to his/her area to relieve themselves. By 6 months puppies should have greater control of bowel and bladder. Obedience training dogs can be challenging but so worthwhile. The days of rubbing their noses in their own mess and using a newspaper to “spank” your puppy is outdated and just plain misinformation. This old tactic only teaches puppy distrust and anxiety.


Here is to Many Years of Happiness!

By now, puppy has been trained. Remember the simple rules of:

Pick area for puppy to recognize that’s easy for your dog to access.

  • Line the area with old newspaper or the more absorbent pads on the market made just for this
  • Take puppy to the spot about every 30 mins., then eventually every 2-3 hours, especially after eating or sleeping
  • Change the padding each time puppy needs to go, but do leave a few drops of his/her urine for the smell
  • Give positive reinforcement like treats for pottying at the designated spot

As outlined in the beginning of the article, never “punish” your puppy for mistakes. I’ve owned many dogs, which came to me as puppies and positive reinforcement has never failed. Breeds I have owned are the simple Mutt, Husky, Weimaraner, Doberman, Red-boned hounds, German Shepard, Chow and a Chihuahua Pomeranian mix. All had different personalities, but the one common trait was loyalty and wanting to please.

Good Luck to you and puppy, once the housebreaking is finished you will enjoy a happy, well-adjusted

companion for life.

All The Best,







Do you have a picky eater?

I don’t like that! My food is always flavored!!!

Things I have tried include rice. While cooking the rice I add 2 fish oil gel capsules per dog. I then mix this with their regular dry food. Sometimes if I have leftover meat, I put this in the cooking rice. I do this about 3 times a week, sometimes more. The rice is full of nutrition that most Vets recommend with deboned chicken. My dogs LOVE this and the bowls are licked clean. I wish I had this recipe years ago, it would have saved me lots of money trying all these new high priced dog foods out there. For those high priced foods, my dogs either spit those out, or I had to “doctor the food” to keep from wasting food and money. Give it a try, I use 1/2 cup rice per dog, double the water (chicken or beef broth) and 2 fish oil gel caps per dog. I have put their vitamins in this mixture, even my senior dogs I put the joint capsule (human grade).
This newfound recipe saves me money, my dogs are super healthy and I no longer worry when they do not eat.
I’m not one of those people that say ” they will eat when they are hungry enough” as myself am a picky eater. If I waited until I was hungry enough to eat that disgusting dish, I would have low blood sugar, weak and a headache. So, why are our animals any different?

Don’t take my word, ask your Vet first. Your dog may have an allergy. But whenever mine had to have surgery rice and deboned chicken was the recipe my Vets have always recommended.

The Resuce Dog

I have consulted with many vets in my lifetime.  Besides the normal yearly checks, I’ve found each breed has different needs.  So does the rescue dog, this dog is so grateful.  I’ve had them bring me presents like dead rabbits, birds and a possum!

I found out early on not only are they scared, they need extra attention to gain trust again.  These dogs have been through God only knows.

My Doberman was a rescue, I knew NOTHING about rescue dogs.  I soon realized she needed extra reassurance there will always be food, and fresh water.  I treated her with love, kindness and RESPECT.

We must give these dogs time to adjust.  Two weeks went by, with many potty accidents, that finally she realized WHERE HER space was.  She no longer gobbled her food, she even began leaving some in her bowl.  Then one evening I was greeted with a happy nub-wagging dog…with a dead rabbit she gently lay on my bed.  At first I was horrified, then I realized she was thanking me foe such a wonderful home.

We spent the next 14 years side by side, I could never ask for any more loyal dog than her.  Although her bark was worse than any bite…strangers never knew that.

One word for these dogs KINDNESS will give you more love than you have ever known.


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