Do you have a picky eater?

I don’t like that! My food is always flavored!!!

Things I have tried include rice. While cooking the rice I add 2 fish oil gel capsules per dog. I then mix this with their regular dry food. Sometimes if I have leftover meat, I put this in the cooking rice. I do this about 3 times a week, sometimes more. The rice is full of nutrition that most Vets recommend with deboned chicken. My dogs LOVE this and the bowls are licked clean. I wish I had this recipe years ago, it would have saved me lots of money trying all these new high priced dog foods out there. For those high priced foods, my dogs either spit those out, or I had to “doctor the food” to keep from wasting food and money. Give it a try, I use 1/2 cup rice per dog, double the water (chicken or beef broth) and 2 fish oil gel caps per dog. I have put their vitamins in this mixture, even my senior dogs I put the joint capsule (human grade).
This newfound recipe saves me money, my dogs are super healthy and I no longer worry when they do not eat.
I’m not one of those people that say ” they will eat when they are hungry enough” as myself am a picky eater. If I waited until I was hungry enough to eat that disgusting dish, I would have low blood sugar, weak and a headache. So, why are our animals any different?

Don’t take my word, ask your Vet first. Your dog may have an allergy. But whenever mine had to have surgery rice and deboned chicken was the recipe my Vets have always recommended.

Author: Sheila

Bella would shy away during feeding time, due to Chase guarding both bowls. I took action as she was actually losing weight

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