The Dog smell- like a Wet Dog- a quick fix

When I noticed that when I let my pups in after a rain, I noticed they smelled. Dog smell can be just awful.

The Dog Smell needs immediate attention without the dreaded “bath”

What I found at first worked great for a day or so. I used olive oil hair spray for black womens’ hair. It smelled great and what a sheen it gave my Doberman! It also improved her itching. I was so proud of her now at 14 years old. Together with this animal for 14 years, I really did not care too much about how she looked as long as she was as healthy as she could be for her senior age. The new puppies seemed to give her a new life, a happy life. At this time in her life, I noticed these large lumps appear all over her, especially her underside.

Vet Bills

Never mind the fact I paid over a $500 vet bill the year before for a physical and was told these were just fatty tissue that senior dogs get. The dog smell would have to be something that I would have to get accustomed to. I knew something was not right. she would be just miserable in her itching, she no longer could crawl on my bed. So. I made her a bed beside me on the floor. I kept my hand or foot on her every night.

Once in a while, I would just make a pallet on the floor with her, and just love her. She knew I was sad. She started interacting with the new puppies, her little nub of a tail began to wag! This treatment gave her some life back, and in return she taught those pups where to potty! Oh, but they knew when to back off when she wasn’t in the mood to play.  

I then took her to the same vet clinic and was informed she had mast cell carcinoma! They even told me, had I brought her in earlier they could have surgically removed “those lumps”! I was mad, but much more sad knowing her advanced years along with her prognosis. After researching the mast cell, I found it was releasing histamines. At that moment in time, I went into my medicine cabinet and found generic Claritin. Together with the coconut oil massages and the Clairitan she found relief. I found peace with this.  Giving this amazing animal immense relief. Losing her will be in another blog.
Most of all, I miss this amazing rescue dog, grief is beyond words.

During this time we acquired 2 German Shepard puppies. The long hair now became an obstacle. I noticed that the pups had that “dog smell”. I tried the spray, it worked for a day or so.

Coconut Oil

Then one day I used over the counter coconut oil. It has no smell, but it gave the dogs such a sheen, and even after a rain they came inside and no longer had that “dog smell”. 

I recommend for an average size dog about 50-70 lbs. to use the size of a quarter. Rub through your hands then on the dog, going all the way to the skin. Bigger dogs, like Chase weighing in at 130lbs. I use the size of a 50 cent piece. I found that doing this once a month eliminated the dog smell for good.

Now, I no longer worry when folks come by, my house and dog smells good. Give it a try, I also use small amounts in their food for digestion and that picky eater!

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Author: Sheila

Bella would shy away during feeding time, due to Chase guarding both bowls. I took action as she was actually losing weight

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