The Resuce Dog

I have consulted with many vets in my lifetime.  Besides the normal yearly checks, I’ve found each breed has different needs.  So does the rescue dog, this dog is so grateful.  I’ve had them bring me presents like dead rabbits, birds and a possum!

I found out early on not only are they scared, they need extra attention to gain trust again.  These dogs have been through God only knows.

My Doberman was a rescue, I knew NOTHING about rescue dogs.  I soon realized she needed extra reassurance there will always be food, and fresh water.  I treated her with love, kindness and RESPECT.

We must give these dogs time to adjust.  Two weeks went by, with many potty accidents, that finally she realized WHERE HER space was.  She no longer gobbled her food, she even began leaving some in her bowl.  Then one evening I was greeted with a happy nub-wagging dog…with a dead rabbit she gently lay on my bed.  At first I was horrified, then I realized she was thanking me foe such a wonderful home.

We spent the next 14 years side by side, I could never ask for any more loyal dog than her.  Although her bark was worse than any bite…strangers never knew that.

One word for these dogs KINDNESS will give you more love than you have ever known.


Author: Sheila

Bella would shy away during feeding time, due to Chase guarding both bowls. I took action as she was actually losing weight

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