Who I am

Welcome to my Website! I love animals, mainly dogs. This is why I choose this particular subject.


In 1979 before I graduated from high school I obtained a Cosmetologist license. I LOVED the interaction with people, the creativity and flexibility it provided. The one thing I did not have enough sense to do was save money now, much less for retirement. So, around 30 y/o I went back to college to earn my RN degree. It was far from easy, as I was married, running a household and a stepmom. I had her more than not, I wanted to set an example, as well as get a great job with benefits. I did all of that.

Now at 56 y/o I found myself raising my step grandson, as his mother just left and never came back to get him. I ended up having to quit a full-time to be coveted position making $75,000 a year job to care for him. I realized working out of the home employers did not understand when they can’t go to daycare. He had pinkeye and could not attend daycare. Someone there said to me “when I have that kind of problem, I call my mother to help”. My reply was ” I am the backup!” My 80 year old mother cannot keep a 14-month-old! Nor would I dream of asking that of her. I ended up resigning when he was 15 months old. I was 51 years old at the time.

I have had several contract positions that did allow me to work from home. But, nothing permanent. My spouse is an amputee, and had back surgery at Duke, I was told his was the 2nd worse they have ever seen.

So, in short, working from home, doing something I really love talking, writing and doing was just a no brainier for me. No stress from bosses, no deadlines.

About 10 more working years for me before I can even think of retiring. Doing this type of income producing project, I believe I will be at this much longer!!



Dogs are my passion. I often see people actually harming them, not meaning too of course. If I could help navigate some folks to giving themselves as well as Fido a better quality of life, then that is what I need to be doing.



My purpose of my website is to give real life advise on common problems people face with dogs. Before they surrender them, why not learn what can make life a happy home for all? I know my pups and household are happy. So, I’ve put some tips to common problems to make life easier even blissful with their companions.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,