My Story

Many years of learning the dogs behavior

Who I really am

My love for animals, dogs in particular are a passion of mine. My entire life has involved dogs since age 6. Each and every pup I’ve owned are dear to me. I have a collection of each one’s belongings once they crossed the rainbow bridge.
People say there is usually one that stands out the most. I believe this to be true, only I had 2 at one time, I slept with, they lived with me side by side. The Weimaraner named Greystone and Joy Lea the Doberman rescue have been my 2 that have stood out.
The grieving process alone is not unlike losing a human. That is the most difficult part of owning dogs. They just don’t live long enough!

I learned so much from this duo, the love alone is enough to blog about. To know that they knew how much I loved them means everything.

I hope you will enjoy some of my short stories to come. I have many stories to share, what worked, what did not work. But one thing is certain, I will always have a loyal canine by my side in this world. I’m teaching my grandson the fun side, then comes the responsibility once we make the commitment to have them as family members.

So, come on into my world for awhile, you will be entertained, laugh and cry.
Thank you for stopping by,

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